Choose a Party Theme

Add a bit of fun to your party

Add a theme to your party for a bit of fun. We've all been to a theme based party that has been lots of fun and one that was not so great. Remember, there are a lot of people who really dislike themes so keep this in mind.

I've listed some Creative Party Theme Ideas for you below. Some will suit a night time, lots of guests type party, others would suit more of a cosy dinner party or even a day time garden party:

  • Karaoke - You can use the kids playstation singing game or hire a small karaoke machine. If you want to improve your singing before the guests arrive, give Singorama a try.
  • 19??'s - From the 1920's through to 1980's there's been a distinct fashion influence. I love all of them.
  • Color - choose any color or combination
  • Letter - P party is popular or choose the first letter of your name
  • Country - choose a country - India, France, Turkish or any country that has fabulous fashion and food
  • Murder Mystery - more suited for a smaller dinner party
  • Red Carpet - wear your favorite after 5 outfit or dress as your favorite celebrity for a bit more fun.
  • Pool Party - even if you don't have one :)
  • Beach Party - especially fun if you are no-where near a beach
  • High Tea Party - suitable for a daytime, garden party
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting
  • Xmas in July - great fun to experience the opposite Christmas weather and to have a Christmas without the headaches that can accompany that crazy time time of year

Dragging the bottom of the barrel here but these could be fun if you add a lot of beer!

  • Wild West Party - get your cowboy on!
  • Toga Party


  • If guests have to find costumes, give them lots of notice. Let them know you don't expect them to purchase an outfit, it's a lot more fun when you create your outfit from Op Shops or other sources.
  • The theme doesn't have to include guests dressing to suit the theme, it can be purely a theme to help you decide on decorations, color scheme, food, etc.
  • Try to incorporate Party Food into the theme. What food did they serve in 1920, what would you eat at the beach. P party, think of foods that start with P.

Kids Party Theme Ideas:

Much easier!

Choose their favorite TV show, color, farmyard, pirates and princesses, let them choose!

Select colors and food that match the theme