Romantic Valentines Day Story

by Heather

This made me cry! A very Romantic Story of our first Valentines Day.

Hi, I just wanted to write about something my husband did for me on our VERY FIRST Valentine's Day together. This was one of the deciding moments for me, one of the one's that really put it in perspective what sort of man I was dating, and how LUCKY I was.

I came home from work on Valentines day and the entire house was dark except a scented candle on the kitchen table and little HANDMADE Valentine sitting next to it.

When I opened the valentine there was a few words telling me how much I was loved, and how special I was in every way. Then it told me to go to the freezer for my proof. So, of course I went to the freezer and when I opened it there was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ice cream waiting in there for me with another note, again handmade.

The notes sent me all over the house, and in each place that I was sent there was one of my FAVORITE things waiting for me with a note telling me how beautiful, smart, kind, loving and loved I was.

By the time I got to the final "clue" I was already so overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude that it was difficult to see through my tears. But the last clue brought me to him, and he was there with a dozen roses, wearing a very handsome suit, and a gift wrapped box that contained a Pearl necklace for which he had handpicked the pearl from an oyster himself on a trip he had taken earlier in the year.

It was incredible the time and thought that had went into every one of these gifts, and I felt like the most Loved and Exceptional woman on the planet. I could NEVER forget this day!

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