Planning a Picnic
Your Essential Picnic Checklist

planning a picnic

Planning a picnic is pretty easy. You'll need to set the date, check the weather!, select your location and pack your picnic basket.

I can't think of a better way to spend the day with the family, catch up with friends or enjoy a Romantic Picnic for two.

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You can choose a secluded location, a nice peaceful spot on the river, or a bustling public park. Beach picnics are fun too or a country picnic - take the kids to the farm for the day.

Some Tips for Planning a Picnic

  • If you would like to take alcohol, you may need to check with your local authorities to see if this is allowed.
  • If it's a popular location, don't rely on picnic tables being available.
  • Have a back up plan if the weather turns bad.
  • If you are taking the kids, select a location with a playground or large enough grass area to play cricket or other games.

Your Essential Picnic Checklist

Trying to remember what you need to pack can be a tad stressful. I've included everything I can think of below so you can use it to make your own checklist (you won't need everything on this list).

Once you have your personalized checklist, keep a copy in your picnic basket to make a spontaneous picnic a little easier to throw together.

- Picnic Rug
- Picnic Table and Chairs


You'll need a basket to store all of your goodies in. These Picnic Baskets

come in such a great variety - cane, collapsible, insulated, a variety of colors, sizes and prices.

You'll need to include:
- Plates and cups
- Knives, forks, spoons
- Serviettes
- cover for your food to stop the flies
- Plastic bag for dirty plates
- Plastic bag for rubbish
- Drinking Water
- Wine, cool drink, juice
- corkscrew
- Picnic Food!

- Flask of hot water
- Tea, coffee, sugar, milk

- Mosquito repellent
- Cream for ant bites
- Sunscreen
- Band-aids

- Hats
- Games - soccer ball, bat and ball, frisbee
- Warmer clothes


Some Cold Picnic Food Recipes are required to complete your picnic planning.

  • Sandwiches are always a winner (egg and lettuce, chicken and avocado, ham and cheese). Or cut up salad, pack some cold meat and everyone can make their own combination.
  • Slices, muffins or cupcakes make great picnic desserts and travel well. Avoid cream and anything too messy.
  • A party punch for something different and can then be enjoyed by both the adults and the kids.

Have a look at for some great summer picnic recipes.

You'll find a Party Punch recipe and some other food ideas on the Party Food page.


Picnics make great Birthday Party Themes. For a Children's Party you could have a Teddy Bear Picnic or a Ladybug Picnic Party

See, Planning a Picnic is not that hard - now pack that picnic basket and go and have fun!