The Best Kids Party Ideas

for a fun, fabulous party :)

When looking for Kids Party Ideas and Themes – ask the expert, the birthday girl / boy of course! Here are some great ideas for Girls Party Themes and some just as great ideas for Boys Party Themes.

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If they want a Butterfly party then righty-o. Ask them what colours they think their butterfly party should be.

The best tip I have is to decide on the theme a few months prior to the party (unless they’re going to change their minds a hundred times, then maybe just a few weeks). This will give you a little while to find items to suit the theme. It’s amazing how many butterfly themed items you will find just doing your usual shopping and popping in to a party store every now and then.

Once you have found all your butterfly items – fill in the gaps with plain but colourful items. Ie if you can’t find butterfly napkins then buy some bright blue ones and bright pink plates to go with them. You get the idea.

If you find theme balloons they can be more expensive than the plain balloons, so put one or two in a bunch with some plain coloured balloons.

You may want to spend some money on your kids party – some do so for a special year ie turning 5 and going to school. One big party somewhere between 1 – 10 and smaller parties other years. Anyway, if you want to add some pizzazz to your party try these ideas:
– pay for all the kids to attend a movie or go ten pin bowling
– get a jumping castle
– hire an animal petting zoo to come to the party
– have a wildlife party – kids get to hold a snake!
– have a whole class party (I never did this but glad that some of the other mum’s did!)

To save money on your kids party…
– limit the guests – 5 friends when turning 5 is a good way to do it
– have the picnic at the park - lots to keep the kids amused, you’ll just need one or two games
– use noodle boxes as your lolly bag – put their party food and a drink in here. Party snacks and lolly bag in one
– make and decorate your own cake – some great ideas here:
– Limit the food – kids don't eat much when they're at a party. Have the cake early and have things you can bring out to top up the plates. Putting out heaps of food that doesn't get eaten will end up in the bin if not eaten.
– plan in advance so don't do the last minute mad shop (you know the one, where you just buy what you need regardless of the cost)

No Party
Even if you don't have a party you can still make the birthday a special day with the family. Go out to dinner and or movies. Make a special Birthday Cake, send some cupcakes to school.

Party Favors
When making up bags Add one or two lollies and some other small items. Stickers, Word Search Game or coloring in sheet, balloon, party toys (whistle, yoyo, etc). They get enough sweet stuff.

OK, Back to Party Themes
Here are some ideas to inspire you. Choose a commercial theme ie Dora, Bob the Builder for ease of buying party products and decorations but a bit more expensive. Or choose a generic theme such as Princess or Construction party which can incorporate the commercial themes or ignore them completely. More on Girls Party Themes and more on Boys Party Themes

Enjoy the party!