Ice Cream Sundae Party

by Julie, Queensland, Australia
(Lots of fun, creativity and delicious party food :)

Ice Cream Sundae Invitation

Ice Cream Sundae Invitation

I set up a "make your own" Ice Cream Sundae center for my 6yr old daughter's Birthday Party.

The kids got to choose from 3 flavours of ice cream and several different toppings. Mini marshmellows, m&m's, wafers and sprinkles. I added banana slices and strawberries too for a healthy alternative!

The kids loved their creations and the sundaes doubled as party food. I did add a few other nibblies too, mini sandwiches, quiches and sausage rolls.

I found a picture of an ice cream sundae for the Invitation and added wording on the glass section.

I found several ice cream related items for the party favors - stickers, erasers, keyring, a color in page and added a few lollies and a balloon.

for the "pin the tail on the donkey" game - I drew a large sundae on a piece of card and gave each blind folded party goer some toppings to add (a spoon, cherry, banana, etc). For the other party games I had a heap of balloons on the trampoline, and a mystery parcel.

Being an after school party, I only had to amuse the kids for 2 hours. A pretty easy party theme and the kids had a great time.

Fabulous kids party theme idea - thanks for sharing Julie.

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