Halloween Photo Cards

by Leah
(Parties and Picnics)

How to use Halloween Photo Cards for a great Halloween Party Invitation idea.

Halloween parties are great fun - the costumes, the decorations, the fun party food... If you are hosting the party, you'll need to send out invitations.

Send a Halloween Photo Card for your invitation. Get a photo of your family in their Halloween costumes and put this is your photo card. A personalized and unique invitation.

Even better, get out your photos from previous parties and use a variety of photos - they don't all have to be the same. You can even match families to their invitation for a truly personalized card. They will love to see a photo of their family or kids on their invite.

You can buy photo cards at your craft store - these will have a cut out on the front for the photo, or just use a plain card and glue the photo to the front.

If it's too late for this year - make sure you get some great photos at the party this year to use for next year and use these free invitations for this year: https://www.parties-and-picnics.com/halloween-party-invitations.html

Enjoy the party!

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