Fun and Freaky - it's Halloween Party Food!

What to make for Halloween Party Food?

You can get very creative with your food and make it fun, creepy, spooky even! Get your inspiration from Halloween decorations; pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, mummies, witches...

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Your party food can taste as good as it looks :)

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This was some of our party food last year - looked great and tasted delicious.

Shortbread "fingers" | Mummy Cheese dip | Chocolate Crackles

Halloween Party Food

Black and orange are good theme colors for your cutlery, plates, serviettes and tablecloth.

Halloween Party Appetizers

Dips are easy to make a tad spooky – use food coloring to change the color. You can serve these in mini pumpkin shells with pita bread, crackers or bread.

Sausage mummies (wrap a sausage up in pastry leaving a gap for the face, give it some eyes and you have a sausage mummy!)

Deviled eggs, pumpkin scones, Fingers in blood (spring rolls with sweet chili sauce) corn on the cob…

Halloween Party Desserts

Every party needs Dessert! Cakes are the easiest to decorate and turn into Halloween treats.

You can decorate a pie or cheesecake with chocolate spiders and webs. (or buy plastic ones)

You can decorate your cakes or cupcakes with the same or a variety of designs – see how creative you feel. Try bloodshot eyes, spiders, witches faces, ghosts.

You can also add some Halloween themed serving items to add to the theme. Glasses, platters, dessert pix, cookie cutters - all add to make your party food look fabulous. You'll find lots of ideas in my Halloween Party Food Store.