Easy Chocolate Cake

by Leah
(Boonah, Qld)



Step 1
Ready for the Fridge
Ready to eat!

Looking for easy Chocolate Cake Recipes? This would have to be the easiest as far as easy cake recipes go. Two or Three ingredients and no cooking!

Chocolate biscuits
Jam (optional)

Step 1
Whip the cream, don't add sugar as the biscuits make this sweet enough

Step 2
Select a container - this works best as a roll type cake but any dish will do.

Put a layer of cream, then a layer of biscuits - you can spread jam on the biscuits if you like. Keep going finishing with more cream.

The aim is for all of the biscuits to be covered in cream. The cream will make the biscuit soft, giving it more of a cake like texture.

Put in the fridge for about 4 hours - overnight is fine.

Adding strawberries on top or between the layers would taste nice too.

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Your cake will look gorgeous on one of these platters:

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