World Cup Soccer

by Helen
(Victoria, Australia)

I'm sure there are World Cup Soccer parties happening all over the world at the moment. Any footy event is a great excuse for a party.

The first game for our team is on at 4am, but it is also on a public holiday so the party is planned to start at 3.30am! We'll see how many people actually turn up!

We were going to have a replay party (and still might).

Our party invitations were inflatable soccer balls - we inflated them, wrote the invite and then let the air out. The guests will have to inflate them to see the party details.

The Theme of course is World Cup Soccer and the guests need to wear a footy jumper (any one will do).

Party Food We'll have soccer balls and dipping sauce (meat balls!) along with bacon and egg rolls (well it will be breakfast time after all!). Also, chocolate balls covered in white chocolate and decorated with brown chocolate to look like little soccer balls.

Decorations Balloons in the team colours. Various football Paraphernalia around the lounge room (including some of the kids soccer shoes hanging up (thanks kids).

Games I made up a trivia game and used the FIFA website mostly to get questions and answers. We'll also run a sweep - each couple gets to draw a team and they must support them throughout the competition. The winner gets a selection of wine (each party goer will donate a bottle).

To find out more about World Cup Soccer - try the FIFA Website

Go the Socceroos! And your team too of course :)

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