Wild West Party Theme

by M.H.

My Wild West Party... I hosted a party for a friend of mine who loves Western movies. Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, his favourite actors. So naturally I chose was a Wild, Wild West Party Theme. It was a great party and lots of fun to organise.

The invitations were designed like a Wanted Poster. In this case the host was wanted for being addicted to Western movies!

To create the Theme I decorated the main serving room.

On the walls I purchased a Saloon Scene Setter, it looked fantastic.

I also hung some Wanted Posters with some of the guests photos around the room. These provided decorations and a fun talking point.

I purchased some Wild West Party Plates and I added brown napkins to go with the vintage look.

Outside, straw bales provided seating and I bought some 7" Vintage Solar Lanterns As these were solar, I let them sit and charge from the morning until dusk. A friend had some old saddles and bridles so we put some saddles around outside and hung the bridles up.

Western Party Food: Beef jerky, smoked sausage, and steak, with a selection of BBQ'd roasted veggies.

The Birthday cake was made by a good friend in the shape of a wagon wheel (the chocolate type not the horse and cart!) It looked (and tasted) fabulous.

The Saloon provided drinks: For the adults - Jack Daniel's whiskey and beer. For the kids, apple cider.

We set up a TV with western movies running to add to the atmosphere (kept the noise down low, didn't want the guests to sit and watch TV!)

Another idea would be to hire a mechanical bucking bull ride - would have been lots of fun but we didn't have the room.

It was a HIT! Everyone attending loved it!

I hope you get to try out this theme soon!

Thanks for sharing your Wild West Party with us. This would make a great theme if you're looking for 40th or 50th Birthday Party ideas for a Western movie fanatic:) Leah

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