Teddy Bear Picnic

teddy bear picnic

Kids love picnics, so do Teddy Bears!

Why not have a Teddy Bear Picnic theme for your child's next birthday party? Kids just love Winnie the Pooh, invite him and his friends along to the picnic.

Each child can bring their favorite Teddy Bear or Beanie Kid.

Don't forget to pack enough plates and cups for the Teddy Bears as well as the kids.

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Make the party fun! Put some big teddy bears on the picnic rug, use personalized teddy bears as name tags for the party table. Hang up some coloring pages and get the kids to color them in then hang them back up.

Send a Teddy Bear Invitation

Find a clipart picture on Microsoft Word or Publisher, or even better take a photo of your child with their favorite teddy.

Invite Wording: Ellie and her favorite Teddy Bear are invited to a Teddy Bear’s Picnic for Charli's Birthday.

Here are some free party invitation templates. Click on the images or the text link to open a PDF file.

Teddy Bear Picnic Invitation

Print this cute Teddy Bear Invitation

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Sleepover

Print this Teddy Bear Picnic Sleepover Party Invitation.

Picnic Games

Include the Teddy's into the picnic games. Maybe a Relay with the teddy being the relay baton, or Teddy Bear Musical Chairs, what about pin the scarf on the Teddy.

Here are some other Party Games you could adapt to suit.

I have a list of Free Online Trivia Games for adult dinner parties. Use these blank templates, search Google for some trivia questions for kids, and you'll soon have your own, personalized Trivia Games for your Teddy Bear Picnic.

Party Favor

Try to keep with the theme for the prizes and party favors. A little Teddy Bear gift like scarves or clothes for teddies, Beanie Kids magazines (these only cost around $1), tea set (for teddy bear picnics of course), stickers, mini coloring in book, Tiny Teddy biscuits. Print some Teddy Bear Coloring Pages and more coloring pages for the favors or a coloring in competition party game.

What to Pack

You can have a picnic party at home or at a park. Here's my Essential Picnic Checklist . You won't need all of these items so go through and choose what you need and make your own personalized picnic checklist.

 Ladybug Picnic

If Teddy's aren't your child's thing, then how about a Ladybug Picnic. Everyone loves ladybugs (don't they???)

When taking kids to a picnic or the park – remember the ant bite cream – ants love picnics too…

Once the party is over, share your party story with us, we'd love to read all about it.

Dancing Teddy Bears Artwork by: Whimsy Primsy http://digiscrapkits.com

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