"Surprise Me" Romantic Picnic Lunch

by Julie
(Brisbane, Q, Australia)

I will pre-empt this story by saying I am now married to this man, despite our first date!

We decided to go on a romantic picnic lunch at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic gardens. My husband decided that we should bring something along - a food - to surprise the other for the picnic. Well, I am not imaginative, so I went and bought small bread rolls with cocktail frankfurts in them! (Hey, I thought they looked interesting!).

After producing these, and having them received in silence, my now husband pulls out oysters. He didn't realise that I didn't eat oysters .... Then he surprised me with anchovies, and olives .... yup, didn't eat those either .... So he went for the final straw and gave me a beautiful long stemmed red rose, but as he passed it to me the rose bud fell off, and I was left holding a stick with thorns!

At least we got our food preferences sorted out that day!

Thanks for sharing Julie, that's so funny! I'm not sure what's worse cocktail frankfurts or anchovies!

Here are some romantic picnic ideas to ensure no-one else comes up with this, um, perfect picnic menu! he he

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