Romantic Picnic Ideas

Ahhh Romantic Picnic Ideas... Close your eyes and imagine: just the two of you, lying by the river with the sun shining through the trees, champagne in one hand, chocolate dipped strawberry in the other...

You'll need some romantic picnic food ideas, that special loved one, and you're set. Romantic picnics are a great way to get outdoors, share some good food and wine and relax! Not to mention spending quality time with a loved one.

In these busy times, it's hard to find time for each other but we really need to make the effort. A Romantic Picnic is a perfect way to do this. You could use the excuse of Valentines day, a Birthday or Anniversary but any day can become romantic with the perfect picnic.

See my Planning a Picnic page for some hints and tips and the essential Picnic Checklist.

Do you need some Romantic Picnic Ideas? a beach picnic perhaps, a champagne picnic or try a wine tasting picnic basket for something different.

A romantic Beach Picnic will be a bit different from those on land. You won't want to carry heaps of heavy stuff down to the beach. You won't need a picnic table and chairs - use your towels. You'll need your swimmers and towels of course. Pack some cool drinks (can't usually take alcohol onto a public beach). Have some salad wraps for lunch. For dessert try chocolate coated strawberries or go for a romantic stroll and find an ice-cream shop.

Pack a Wine Tasting Picnic Basket for a bit of fun. Buy several small bottles of red and white wine - so you don't have to pack the large ones. Take some nice glasses and a cheese platter (include some sundried tomatoes, smoked oysters, olives and crackers). Have some fresh fruit cut up and take some dipping chocolate and thick cream. Yum! Remember this is a wine tasting picnic so you don't have to finish the wine, take the rest home for later. Also, someone has to drive home!

Location, Location

You'll want to steer clear of the popular parks. Try the beach or find a nice shady spot by the river. Does your town have a Visitors Center? Ask them to recommend some nice places. It's amazing how many people don't explore their own backyards (I would have to be guilty of this).

Some romantic picnic food ideas for you:

You'll want to keep it pretty simple - the idea of a romantic picnic is to spend time together not fussing around with bowls and serving spoons!

- Champagne or Wine
- A nice punch or sparkling apple juice

- Antipasto platter. You can have fresh or smoked oysters with crackers, camembert cheese, sundried tomatoes and olives
- savory muffins, tartlets,

- Chicken or Ham Salad wraps, baguettes
- Cold meat and salad platter, try an easy pasta salad with olives and basil pesto - no plates required just two forks.

- (Have I mentioned strawberries yet! Sorry, but you can't go past strawberries - even better, chocolate dipped strawberries
- Fresh fruit cut up with chocolate dipping sauce and thick cream
- Grapes so you can feed them to your knight in shining armour one by one!
- Individual mudcakes or caramel tarts (find out your partners favorite and take your favorite also)

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