Range Rover Car Cake

by Nadia
(Kalbar, QLD)

A Range Rover Cake made for a friend.

This makes me laugh every time I think about it! This was made for a mates birthday and he loved it! (as you can see from the pics)

This was done from scratch - design and everything. Searched online for pics of the car itself and went from there.

Had a good plan of the shape of the cake and a vague idea of the coating. Used fondant for the main, made the roof racks out of white choc piped onto baking paper and left to set (make more than needed, they tend to break when you push them in), covered a small piece of cardboard with foil for the grill (and added detail), cut out sections of cake to add liquorice rolled into a circle for the wheels and used edible gel stuff for the finer detail of the cake.

Instead of just being happy with a cake and cutting it to share, he turned it into a ute, then a convertable, then made the bonnet open, then a door...

Needless to say he got alot more out of it than I ever thought he would!!!

Really enjoyed making this cake, from planning to finished product - its great planning something and seeing your finished creation!


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