Host a fun, fabulous,
Purse Party

purse party

Every girl loves purses, handbags and jewelry for that matter.

Hold a Purse Party, combine with a jewelry party and a good time is guaranteed.

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Where to find the goods...

If you don't know of a purse party plan hostess, do a Internet Search on Purse, Jewelry or Accessories Party Plan in your area and you should find a hostess. You will find some companies are more "accessories", not just purses so may include Jewelry – bonus!

So can't find one, or don't like Party Plan parties - then get a bit creative! Ask the local dress shop if they would like to host a night for you. The benefit for the shop will be some sales perhaps, but more importantly, potential lifelong customers.

A fun option: What about bag, shoe, jewelry swap parties. Each guest needs to bring along some items (in good condition of course) that they no longer want. Place all items on a viewing table, each guest gets a number, the guest who gets No. 1 gets to choose an item first.

Good excuses for a Purse Party or Jewelry Party:

  • Bridal shower or hens night

  • Birthday party

  • Fundraiser

  • Use it as a good excuse for any girls get together really!

As hostess what will you need to do:

Purse Party Invitations– relevant to the event. Design your own invites or use the ones provided by the party plan company. You could download some purse clipart and write the invite inside the purse.

Let the guests know if there will be products that can be purchased so they can save up before the party!

Games – The Hostess will usually have a few fun games. If you are the hostess then come up with a few fun games for the guests. Try a Trivia Game.

This Purse Party Trivia Game has been created especially for a Purse Party. I've also created some other free online trivia games, print them out and enjoy!

See my Party Games page for other Party Game ideas

Some more fun games to play at your party

Party Food

If you want to provide all of the food then set yourself a menu, make some of the food ahead if possible. Ensure you choose food that can go direct from oven or fridge to the table. You don’t want to spend the whole night in the kitchen. Finger food is a great idea, easy to serve and guests can snack during the evening.

Ask each guest to bring an appetizer, dessert or wine. Have plates, serviettes, glasses all set out so you can get out of the kitchen and be with your guests.

Fast Food: Pizza, Chinese or whatever is the best take away in your town. Yum… Pizza!

More ideas on my Party Food page. Check out the Easy Party Appetizers and Party Punch.

Party Favor

purse cookie

These cookies are fabulous!

They would make a great dessert or even better Party Favor (can't let kids have all the fun!).

Gorgeous Cookie Photo by Ali's Sweet Treats