Printable Gift Certificate

Great Gift Idea for any occasion

A Printable Gift Certificate will make a great gift for any occasion.

Sometimes you can think of the perfect gift but does the recipient already have it? If you buy a CD or DVD, they may already have the one you choose. Teenagers! Seriously, trying to keep up with the latest trends can be a nightmare.

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The other morning on TV there was a debate as to whether Gift Certificates were thoughtful or not. Both sides were quite convincing. Here are a few ways to show your recipient that you have put thought into your certificate:

  • If buying a Gift Certificate

    from a store, choose a store you know they would like to shop at – ie if buying for a teenage boy you could get a certificate from a surf shop; a young girl, perhaps a clothes or book shop; for your partner you could buy a Magazine Gift Subscription

    or restaurant gift certificates.

  • Put a note in with the card and certificate saying something like "I thought you might like a new book for your birthday, I have bought a certificate from my favourite bookshop so that you can choose your own. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have chosen when I come to visit."

You get the idea, a bit more personal than a certificate just put in with the card.

Make your own Personalized Gift Certificates. These are great because if you’ve been listening to your partner/ kids/ friends, then you’ll be giving a gift from the heart. Here are some suggestions.

  • Night off from the dishes / taking out the garbage / housework
  • (that means you’ll do it for them, not just leave it until tomorrow…)

  • A 30 minute massage

  • Romantic dinner for two (restaurant of their choice)

  • Breakfast at their favourite café (or breakfast in bed, even better)

  • A night out with the boys / girls - this means you’ll look after the kids / animals / dishes, and you don’t get points towards your next night out with the boys / girls!!

What about joining your partner / kids with something they enjoy and you keep saying “not now”

  • Redo the front garden

  • Play soccer in the park

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Go ten pin bowling! (come on, you know you want to!!)

  • Plant an Organic Herb Garden

Printable Gift Certificate for a friend

  • Child minding (seriously the best gift you can give someone with kids!)

  • An hour of weeding the garden

  • Buy a coffee and cake at a nice cafe

Printable Gift Certificate for a special occasion

For Her: A Day Spa Gift Certificate. You can’t go wrong by giving Spa Gift Certificates. Great for Valentines day, a special birthday or anniversary.

For Him: A fishing charter, Baseball tickets… You don’t have to buy the tickets, just make up your own Certificate – then they can book the date they want, choose their day spa, etc.

For a Christmas Gift Idea, A Fun Gift Certificate will make a great stocking stuffer.

Gift Certificate Templates Free!

These printable gift certificate have some gift suggestions already typed in and some left blank.

Gift Certificates are great for any occasion – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements. They are suitable for all ages. Great for that “What do I buy” person and more thoughtful than a gift voucher from a store. If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea then buy try on line gift certificates. These will usually be emailed immediately to the recipient.

I hope you found some ideas here – I’d love to hear your Gift Certificate idea or story – please share your ideas and I’ll add them here.