Party Planning Checklist

Yah, it's party time - time for a Party Planning Checklist.

I've put together a checklist which I use to help plan my parties to make sure I don't forget anything and to keep me focused.

Use this checklist to help plan your next party. The amount of planning will depend on how big the party is but most parties will have the same basics:

Guest list

Who is invited? Is this an Adults only party or are the kids invited too? How many people? I like to do the guest list first, this will help determine the theme, food, etc.


Does the party have a theme? Choosing creative party theme ideas is not just about you wear, it can also determine the food, the colors and types of the decorations. Choose a full on theme such as “dress as your favourite Hollywood Star” or something simple like “Blue and Gold” (just for decorations, invites, etc, don’t include the theme on the invite unless you want a heap of gold dresses at the party!)

Party Invitations

Are you going to design your own, buy printed ones, free online printed invites, email invites (such as

How are you going to send your invite? – print and post or email (or combination)

If it’s a special occasion it’s a nice touch to post your invites.

Start and finish time

If you want a finish time, add it to the invite – some of your guests will remember this and leave at the appropriate time and hopefully “remind” the other guests to do the same.

Day / Date

Day time party, Night time party, Saturday or Sunday. Some times/ days will be better for your guests due to work and family commitments so keep them in mind when choosing. Make sure the main guests have that date free, it will be hard to get a date that suits everyone. Send the invite out in plenty of time so guests can reserve this date for your party.

Party Food

For your Party Food, are you going to have a sit down dinner with entree, main, dessert or a stand up party with easy party appetizers and desserts?


BYO or provided? Always have non alcoholic options available. A party punch is great for this. Don't forget the kids.


Have some Party Game Ideas ready, great for icebreakers or to add a bit of fun during the evening. If there will be children at the party, have some fun party games for kids and DVD's ready for them.


Even if you're having a simple theme such as "Blue and Gold" you can have some decorations or just use the colors to determine serviette, tablecloth, etc colors. If you're having a Halloween Party or one that requires a lot of decorations, get a friend to come over help.


Music really does set the mood for the party. So get out your upbeat cd's. Maybe one or two quiet ones for when you want the guests to go home.

Party Favors and Thank You Notes

A nice way to say Thank You for coming. You don't need to buy expensive gifts for your Party Favors, just a small thank you gift and card. Add a Small bag of handmade chocolates or shortbread to your Thank You Notes.

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Do some planning and you'll have a stress free party (well, less stress anyway :)

Download your Party Planning Checklist