Fun Party Game Ideas for
Adults and Kids

There are so many party game ideas but try to think of some when you need to! I have a list of fun party games for you and also some free party games to print. I have Party Games for adult dinner parties and lots of Fun Party Games for kids parties also.

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Fun Party Games for Adults

Trivia Games – where to get your Questions and Answers? pick a theme, use this blank trivia game template to write your own questions and search Google for the answers. ie if you’re having an Oscars party – choose questions like “which actor starred in the movie X” – “name 3 female Oscar winners who are no longer alive” – For a Halloween party: “name 5 things you associate with Halloween", "what is the name of the cartoon friendly ghost (Answer: casper)”

Get to know you game – write on some cards, questions like: “your most embarrassing moment”, “have you ever been on TV”, “what was your first job”, “Do you have any phobias”, “have you ever been skydiving or swam with sharks”, "have you had your 15 minutes of fame", etc. Or print my Get to Know You Trivia Game. These are good “ice breaker” games – get to know new people and good discussion starters.

Or you can print out one of these free online Trivia Games. Here is a complete list of my printable free party games.

Drag out the board games (from the cupboard or raid a neighbours) – when was the last time you played Scattegories or Pictionary? you can plan a whole Dinner Party around a How to Host a Murder game - these include a suggested menu and costumes for the guests to wear.

Make up your own board games (the easy ones!) Try this one: Get some blank business cards – Find weird words in the dictionary – write the word and it’s meaning on the card – do about 20. One person (take turns) will read out the word and everyone else has to write down a meaning on a piece of paper and give to the person who read it out. This person then reads out all of the meanings, including the correct one. Each participant has to then choose what they think is the correct meaning. Give anyone who chooses the correct meaning 4 points and anyone who’s made up meaning was chosen as correct 1 point.
This is a fun game and the answers can get quite creative!

Musical Chairs - blindfolded! - This is best played outside (grass is softer to fall on!) play musical chairs as you would normally but with a few changes. Spread some chairs around rather than grouping them together - 1 less than the number of participants. Blindfold the participants, they can dance around while the music is playing, when the music stops, they need to find a chair while blindfolded. Remove a chair each time so there is always one less chair than participants. Very funny (especially for those not playing!)

Chinese Whispers. If you haven’t heard of this, it starts with one statement whispered to the person next to you, they then whisper it to the next person, etc. The last person will then say the whisper out loud. Quite funny how different the end whisper ends up. You will need to make it a short sentence – long enough to make it a little difficult to remember so it can get a bit lost along the way! You could start a whisper at the beginning of the night and see what it is by the end of the night. This gives a bit of a gap between whispers – see if it resembles the original whisper at all.

More adult party game ideas later, now it's the kids turn.

Fun Party Games for Kids

Kids love party games. If you have a few party game ideas they can be used for birthday party games, make great Christmas games for kids or play as family party games at a picnic.

I have some fun party games here for kids, including free party games to print. Printable games are great if you want the kids to sit for awhile, they also make a great addition to the lolly bags for birthday parties.

Here they are: my fun party games for kids.

Scavenger Hunts For kids and Adults

Are the holidays approaching? The Scavenger Hunt Guru has a great collection of holiday party games and holiday game ideas along with loads of free scavenger hunt ideas.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Fun Party Game Ideas, I'd love for you to share your favourite party games for kids or adults and I'll add them here.