Our Wedding Castle Cake

by SleepingBeautie
(Sacramento, CA)

castle cake

castle cake

My Unique Wedding Cake!

I fell in love with this Wilton's wedding cakes design and knew I wanted it for my wedding. It was a huge castle (see my attached pic).

I tried to make it myself, but couldn’t figure it out and since I hadn't worked with fondant before, I was nervous. I carried the entire Wilton's cake decorating book around with me to every wedding cake designer in my area and no one wanted to touch it, lol! (I guess maybe they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to figure it out either?

But obviously from the picture SOMEONE knew how to do it!) I finally found someone at Ettore's who was willing to give it a try (and in all 3 of the flavors that I wanted), but half way through the design, he quit working there. Thankfully his replacement was also willing to give it a try and although the cake managed to start falling apart half way through the reception, it was just gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!

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