New Years Parties = Fun!

A time to celebrate!

Everyone can celebrate New Years Eve. You can have a small party at home, celebrate with lots of friends or take the family out on the town to see fireworks.

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Put your hand up to have the party at your place. No driving home! (Make sure there are some extra beds for guests who want to (or have to!) stay.)

Just because it's at your place, doesn't mean you have to provide everything. Put on the invite "I'll provide the location, a party punch, please bring a plate of finger food, your drinks and dancing shoes" you get the idea. No-one expects the host to provide all of the food and drinks.


Bright and cheery for New Years – hang a Happy New Year banner – have streamer poppers and sparklers and glow in the dark sticks for the kids. Use bright colored plates, bowls and serviettes. Plastic table cloths are great for parties - you can buy disposable ones of better quality ones to use again.


Easy party appetizers are best for a New Year’s Eve party as who wants to sit down!

- Mini quiches, spring rolls, curry puffs – my favorite

Ask everyone to bring a plate of finger food.


Champagne (Sparkling wine we are meant to call it aren't we) for the 12.00 toast to the New Year.

Party Punch for the non alcoholic option.

Be Responsible

You want your guests to have a good time so here are some tips that could help.

Leave the alcohol out of the punch as it’s too hard to tell how much you've drank and also it doesn’t seem to taste as alcoholic as it is. (Plus the kids might get to it).

Provide soda water to mix with wine.

Have other refreshing options – sparkling apple juice, mocktails.

If guests are bringing their own drinks you can still supply soda water, etc.


New Years Trivia is a bit of fun for the adults. Make up a Trivia game and hand out at the start of the night – each couple has to put their name on the sheet and when finished check it off to see who has the most correct answers. To make checking the sheets easier – swap them around and get the guests to check the answers right or wrong. Have a bottle of champagne for winner.

Use these blank Trivia Game sheets and search Google for New Years Trivia for your questions and answers.

Keep the kids happy

We don't have family close by, so if we go out, the kids come with!

Instead of everyone hiring their own baby sitter, why not hire a baby sitter for the night to come to the party with you. Their job is mainly to keep the kids together and keep them entertained so have some games, etc ready for them. You may need a few sitters or get some of the older kids to help, depending on how many kids will be at the party.

Make them a party punch so they don't fill up on sugary soft drinks all night.

Get someone to bring a plate of kids party food so they can have their own and don't bother the adults with the "what's this mum?" and leaving half eaten items on the plates!! He he

Have some games ready to keep them entertained and some movies ready to go. Put away the kids special toys so they don’t get broken.

Print some games for when you want them to sit down for some quiet time. Here is a selection of free party games - Trivia Games, What am I?, and Word Finder games - the kids are sure to enjoy.

Bring midnight forward for the kids – celebrate at 10pm instead. You'll get to join in with the kids celebrations and still have your own at midnight!