Life Size Fender Strat Guitar Cake

by Pam
(Northern California)

Frender Strat Guitar Cake

Frender Strat Guitar Cake

7 Boxes of Cake Mix!

It was sick, as the teens put it. When we brought out the cake, everyone was totally blown away. It was life size, and pretty good for a couple of inexperienced cake decorators.

Since it was a surprise, along with a surprise party for my daughter, my husband and I started the cake after she went to school, then had to have it out of sight before she got home. That gave us about 7 hours, but it took a total of 9 hrs.

7 boxes of cake
21 eggs
$60 Fondant
2+ Cups of Oil
3 Bite Size Reeces Peanut Butter Cups for knobs
Optional: Writing Gel for Happy Birthday & Candles


1. Baked 7 cakes in 3 sheet cake pans (depends on guitar)
2. Traced the actual Fender Strat guitar onto butchers paper.
3. Cut it out to use as a template to build the cake.
4. After the cake cooled, he started cutting the pieces to form the guitar shape, trying to use as large a piece as possible for the body of the guitar.
5. While he did that, I rolled out the first piece of fondant. It was black and would be the largest piece on the cake. It was going to be close on getting it to cover the whole cake, so we had to get creative, and make sure we rolled it out to cover only the areas that needed
to be black, which meant it got thin in places, so we made sure it was in the areas that would be covered by the white section of the guitar.

When my husband and I decided to make this guitar cake, we were not thinking it would take 7 boxes of cake mix, 21 eggs, $60 in fondant, and a full 9 hours with two adults working on it full time.

On top of that, because the party and the cake were a surprise, we had to move it into our bedroom for the final decorations. My husband set up folding tables. Then I rolled out fondant, while he put the finishing touches on the guitar. We skipped the strings, but used the fondant for all the little details.

We covered a large cutting board with foil, added some caution tape, and candy cigarettes and Bazooka Gum for that retro look, and we were done.

We knew this might be one of the last parties we would have for our little girl, so we enjoyed the process and loved the end result. It was better than we even imagined. It's amazing what fondant will cover.

We lined up the 18 candles on the guitar, sang Happy Birthday, and with no problem at all, my daughter blew out the candles. We ate cake, and were merry. Memories that will last a lifetime!

A perfect gift for a Fender Guitar fan:

Or... what about a Fender Guitar?

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Apr 15, 2010
by: Leah

Wow, what an amazing cake and story! What a great way to start off my Fun Cake Designs page. Thanks so much for sharing :) Leah

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