Let's have a Ladybug Picnic!

ladybug clipart

Cake by Fantasticakes

A Ladybug Picnic is a great party theme for a kids picnic party.

Who doesn't Love Ladybugs :)

You can have a ladybug picnic theme for a birthday party or just a get together with other kids or families.

It's simple to include this theme into your picnic party. Your colors will be black and red with lots of dots!

If your daughter really loves pink then have a pink ladybug party.

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pink ladybug clipart

To do this – put a pink ladybug on the invite and have pink and black as your color scheme. You can have any color really, just change the color of your invite.


You can get creative with your party decorations, you don't need ladybugs on everything - red and black and spots will look great. Ladybug party supplies shouldn't be hard to find if you want to go shopping.

To include the theme into your picnic party:

  • Your colors will be red and black for plates, cups, decorations (balloons, streamers)

  • Buy a disposable red tablecloth and stick or draw black dots on it

  • Ask the kids to dress in red and black (will make for a great photo!)

  • An easy costume is a red cape with black spots. If you cannot find a red cape, buy some red material or even easier buy a red plastic tablecloth, cut out a cape in the shape of wings. Then you can draw on some black spots. Use a headband, attach pipe cleaners and pom poms to make the antlers.


You'll find plenty of inspiration for lady bug picnic party items:

  • Make a ladybug cake or have cupcakes as the main cake - easy to decorate

  • Popcorn

  • Fruit kebabs

  • Pinwheel sandwiches

  • Ham and cheese muffins

  • Party punch


  • Add a ladybug clipart picture to the invite

  • Have a watermark of a ladybug and cut out the shape, add the wording direct to the watermarked image.

  • This option is OK if you only have a few guests as it’s more time consuming. Use black card to cut out the ladybugs body and head then add some red with black dot wings, add the wording to the underside of the ladybugs body using silver pen or texta.

You can create these yourself using MS Word or Publisher or purchase them.

ladybug invitations

Download a copy of these Ladybug Invitations in pdf format.

Download a PINK copy of these Ladybug Invitations in pdf format.


You'll want to play some party games at your ladybug picnic . Along with pass the parcel and other party favorites, here are some ladybug theme games:

Print a Ladybug Word Finder game. The kids can play these if you want a bit of sit down time or put a copy in each party bag for the kids to take home.

This version of the Ladybug Word Finder game is a bit easier for the younger kids

Pin the spot on the ladybug

  • Draw a ladybug on red card, draw in the wings and outline the dots (make sure there is enough dots for each child).

  • Make up black dots, put some double sided tape on the back of each dot.

  • Stick the ladybug to a tree, put a blindfold on the kids, give them a dot – see if they can line up their dot one of the ladybugs dot.

Musical Ladybug

  • Draw some ladybugs on card

  • Play as you would musical chairs

  • Spread them around the lawn – 1 ladybug less than the number of kids

  • Turn on the music and when the music stops the kids have to stand on a ladybug

  • The child with no ladybug is out, keep removing one ladybug each time until there are only 2 kids and 1 ladybug remaining.

  • Winner is the last child to land on the last ladybug

Note: be careful that the kids don’t slip on them

Tip: play this game near the end of the party and you can have the ladybugs hanging up as decorations. Bring them down for the game.

Other Games for your ladybug picnic

  • Put black and red balloons on the trampoline if you have a trampoline with a net.

  • Treasure hunt

  • Craft - make a lady bug with card, pompoms, textas


to create these Party Favor boxes I used noodle boxes from a craft store. Glued a piece of red or pink wrapping paper around the center and stuck on a cut out clip art picture.

ladybug party favor

I like to put more than lollies in the lolly bag, some ideas:

ladybug clipart 2
ladybug clipart 4

Here is some more information on Planning your Picnic.

A Teddy Bear Picnic is another picnic theme you may enjoy.

When taking kids to a ladybug picnic or the park
– remember the ant bite cream – ants love picnics too…