Insurance Quote Party

I have a fabulous party theme for a Girls Night In - host an "Insurance Quote Party". Hold on, before you go - answer this question "When did you last look at your insurance?" (if you're like me, it's been awhile). Now think about how much money could you be saving and spending on shoes instead of insurance.

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See, not such a bad idea hey ;) So what better way to complete one of those boring chores you have on your To Do list than by adding sparkling wine and friends!

Even if it's just a party for one, keep reading – you'll get some good advice and a free printable template to help with comparing your insurance options.

Here's how to get the job done and have a great time.

Invite your friends over for a wine and nibbles evening

Bring your policies along so you can share what you love/ don't love so much. Each person will have different needs so you won't all end up with the same policy or provider.

Google for quotes.

You'll need:

  • Wine (of course)

  • Appetizers – finger food is best

  • Policies

  • Print some insurance comparison sheets

  • Accessible PC with Internet connection (best if the PC can be in the dining room – not much fun having a party in the office!)

  • Bookmark this page so you can use the tips for each type of insurance.

Then you can Google away to find free online insurance quotes and compare companies.

You'll leave the party with:

  • Some more knowledge of other insurers – good and bad

  • Some options to alter you existing policy or change providers

  • Some questions to ask your insurance company about your policy

  • Most important saved $$$

Here are some tips for analysing your various policies.

Car Insurance Quotes

  • Are you covered for under 25's driving your car? Do you need to be?

  • Do you have the Windscreen replacement option? How much extra does this cost?

  • What is the alcohol limit (some policies are .0, so you can't even have 1 glass of wine when you're out)

Homeowners Insurance Quotes

  • Have you read the fine print to ensure it doesn't say you have something you don't ie deadlocks on all doors, locks on windows, etc

  • Are you insured for the replacement cost of the house – some companies don't like you being under insured and it can affect your payout.

  • Is your contents insurance the correct value?

  • Have you specified high cost items?

  • Are you covered if some of your contents are in your car, eg if you go on holidays?

Health Insurance Quote

  • Check what you are covered for ie are you covered for having a baby and no longer need this option?

  • Should you have something covered that you don't have?

  • What are you covered for but aren't using ie some companies have free dental checkups twice a year, free vision checks, etc.

Life Insurance Quotes

  • Do you need a separate policy or can you access life insurance through your superannuation policy.

  • Are both of you covered, not just the working partner?

  • Do you need to be covered if you are unable to work?

So get started on your guest list and find those policies – you're about to get some new shoes!