How I met my Husband

by Leah
(Boonah, Qld)

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

I'm kicking off Romantic Stories with my own.

(can't believe I don't have a decent photo!)

This Romantic Story didn't start out very romantic.

Ive known my husband for a long time, we were neighbours as kids. When I was 16 he even asked me on a date and cooked dinner for me. I repaid him with leaving soon after eating to go out with my girl friends... Not nice!

So... many years later, I was visiting a friend in my old home town and we went out to visit Michael. We chatted for a while and left. On the way home my friend asked what I thought about Michael. I replied with what do you mean, I've know him forever. Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I thought what a good idea! So I sent him an SMS from my mobile asking him to the local the next night (yeah, not very cool!). A few days later (I was now visiting my sister in city) he called. He made out he had to come to the city to get a few things and asked me out to dinner.

Dinner was great - I had a bad cold (too much partying) and a cold sore (yeah gross) - but still a good night.

My pickup line was "come to Queensland and polish my floor boards" I was renovating a little cottage. Anyway after many hours on the telephone and weekend fly up visit, Michael did come to Queensland and he did polish the floor boards.

We got married in Adelaide and had a small reception lunch at the Indian restaurant where we had our first date. (well not counting the real first date 17 years prior...)

Cupid had to work hard on this one but I'm glad he did

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