How I found my wife!

by Shane Cheney

Our second Deni Rebecca was 7 months pregnant

Our second Deni Rebecca was 7 months pregnant

I bought my first ute in 2004 and joined an online ute club ( to meet people with a common interest in an Australian icon and great way of life. I'd broken up from a long relationship only six months earlier and decided that it was time to get back in touch with my Australian roots and get back out to the country, as well as maybe find someone special away from the Australian Defence Force (I'm in the Air Force in Sydney).

The club was heading to Deni for the 'Worlds Biggest Ute Muster and I thought this sounded great!

As the club is online (Australia wide), I'd never met any of the members I had chatted to via the web, so meeting new faces and going to new places sounded like just what the doctor ordered.

Anyways, I met up with the crew and we headed off on the great open road to Deni. When we reached town, we met up with other members from around Australia and proceeded to cruise in to the Muster together.

As it goes, one of the members, Rebecca aka "Rodeo Girl", and I hit it off from the beginning. It’s a very small world though, as I found out that Rebecca was also from Sydney. Funny thing was she also worked for Defence - however for the Navy as a Defence civilian. I just find it funny that we were both from Sydney, both worked for Defence, we were both looking for someone special away from the city (and defence), we were both in the same ute club and had a passion for utes - and the best thing is we both loved Holden's!

So as you can guess we hooked up and both saw each other as regularly as possible. Even though we both lived in
Sydney, we were almost 100km apart. So anyway, nature takes its course and somehow Rebecca falls pregnant! We were both very happy and so were our parents. The baby was due in December so lucky for us our next Deni experience didn't have to get cancelled.

Although Rebecca was heavily pregnant, we decided to do Deni again in 2005, but not as wild as the previous year! I'd planned on asking Bec to marry me there as its where we first met. I bought the ring and brought it with me to Deni, but things didn't quite go the way I planned so it didn't happen. I did however comment on how great it would have been if the baby was delivered at the Ute Muster!

Anyways on the way back to Sydney after Deni 2005, Bec was feeling a little uncomfortable so we took it easy and thought nothing more about it. Believe it or not Becs water broke the following night after returning to Sydney, and in our shock and excitement, I proposed to Bec at the Hospital while on the delivery table. A beautiful little girl was born soon afterwards, and Scarlett Elizabeth Cheney greeted the world! (Our Deni baby - as Bec loves to put it).

We attended Deni again in 2006 as we now think of it more as a pilgrimage and anniversary. We headed off to Deni again in 2007. Nan and Pop are looking after her this year.

In 2008, we brought our beautiful little girl with us. We really can't wait to bring our family together in the place that we first met. Deni is like returning home for us!

Good choice with the Holden ute! Being a horsey person I always wanted a Holden ute to tow the float but alas, it never happened. Thanks for sharing, Leah

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