Handy Manny

by Sleeping Beauty
(Sacramento, CA)

Handy Manny Cake

Handy Manny Cake

A super fun Handy Manny Theme 1st Birthday party.

I tried for 6 years to have a baby, when he was finally born, I was so happy that I immediately started planning his First Birthday Party.

I started saving up and looking for great deals online. I wasn't sure what theme I should choose. But as he grew I realized he really gravitated toward Handy Manny toys. Now I could really start planning!

I got every Handy Manny Party accessory I could find from plates to napkins, hats and banners, etc! I couldn't find a cake board (the thing you set the cake on during the party) so I made one myself (you can see it in the picture).

Then I went looking for a Handy Manny cake pan. I couldn't find one!!! I did find out that there are several companies who will print on frosting for you, so I found a company who printed out Handy Manny and they added my personalized text and VIOLA my perfect little baby had the perfect first birthday cake and the perfect birthday!

Handy Manny Party Supplies:

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A great day was had by all, especially the birthday boy.

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