Have a fabulous party with these
Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

If you're looking for some good Halloween Party Ideas including free party invitation templates then read on.

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Halloween Party Invitations
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Halloween is a great excuse to have a party. Get out your little black dress and put on a black hat, grab your broom stick and you're almost there!

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Can't wait until Halloween? - use these party ideas for any Friday the 13th celebration.

Visit the Halloween Party Store

for costumes, decorations, craft supplies, wigs and masks, candy, pumpkin carving tools and much, much more

Free Party Invitation Templates for your Halloween Party

I have four invites for you to choose from.

These free invites are in pdf format for easy downloading and printing. View them here: Halloween Party Invitations

I have created a fun printable Party Pack - it's a PDF file for you to download and print at home. The pack contains 9 pages of party stuff, invitation, decorations, party favors. Check it out on Etsy: Halloween Printable Party Pack.

Free Clipart for your Halloween Party Invitations. I use Microsoft Publisher or Word to find clipart online, so I don't have to sift through a hundred websites! Try keywords such as Halloween, Pumpkin, Witch or Ghost - you'll find more than enough pictures. Make sure you select to search online when you do this to get a lot more choices.

Print out your invites or email them.
- print on orange paper and attach to some black card
- write the invite inside the shape of a ghost

Adult Halloween Party Games

Games are a fun addition to any party! Of course there is "trick or treat" but we'll need alternatives to door knocking! Try some of these:

  • Put small amounts of food into non see through containers. The "treats" will have a piece of chocolate or lolly. The "tricks" can have crackers with oysters or anchovies. OK so for some this would be a treat not a trick, but you get the idea.

  • What about Treat or Dare - wrap up some small gifts. If you receive a box with a gift, congratulations you got a Treat, if you receive a box with "Dare" written on a piece of paper inside, you've received a Trick and must go through with the dare.

  • Quizzes or Trivia Games – use the internet to find some Questions and Answers for a Halloween Quiz. Try Facts about Halloween (you may even learn something), scary movies (who were the actors, how many sequels did X movie have, who was the bad guy in the X movie, etc) You can print this Halloween Trivia Game or use this Blank Trivia Game template if you want to make up your own questions and answers. Answer Sheet for your Halloween Trivia Game.

  • Pumpkin carving – a great tradition but a tad messy at the dinner table! What about Pumpkin decorating. Get out the kids craft box (or go shopping) you’ll need glue, glitter, eyes and don't forget the mini pom poms – decorate away

  • Some games to play with the kids "What am I?", "Halloween Word Search" or "Easier Halloween Word Search" (this is the same game but has the letters of the words to find in color to make it a little easier for the kids). Print them now for free.

Halloween Costumes

There aren't many parties where you get to wear a costume. Halloween is the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun and get dressed up in something other than your little black dress (unless you're going as a witch of course). It's easy to find something at home to modify or add to.

Halloween costumes for you, the kids and the pet dog!: Halloween Costumes Store

Bring on the food…

Halloween Party Food

Shortbread "fingers" | Mummy Cheese dip | Chocolate Crackles

Party Appetizers, Desserts, Party Punch. You can have so much fun decorating your Halloween Party Food. I prefer appetizers to a sit down dinner.

Cupcakes are easy and fun to decorate for a dessert. Or Chocolate Crackles for the kids.

Here are some more Halloween Party Food ideas.


Halloween Decorations

Choose a color scheme – I like black and orange.

Buy disposable items in your chosen colors. Items such as plates, cups, serviettes and disposable table cloths. Sprinkle some plastic spiders and mini pumpkins on the tables.

Put up some Halloween theme cutouts around the house.

To help with some ideas, here is a list of Halloween objects and creatures to jump start those creative juices:

- Witches, warlocks, broom sticks, goblins, black cats, pumpkins, jack o'lanterns, ghosts, trick or treat, haunted house, skeletons, mummies, eyeballs, fingers, spiders and spider webs and of course Vampires...

Every year I like to add one or two extra items to my Halloween Party box… If you’re looking to buy some Halloween items for your party, you may need: Invitations, Music CD’s, Costumes, Decorations, Plates, Napkins, even a witch or two!..

When is the Party?

It's October 31st of course! But hey, you can have it any time! You could even schedule it for a Friday the 13th. If you can have Christmas in July, then why not I say!

I hope you found some inspiration in these Halloween Party Ideas - Happy Halloween :)