Super Fun Party Games for Kids

birthday party games

You’ll only need a few games for the party but I’ve listed as many fun party games as I can think of here so you have a good choice!

You'll find some tried and true fun party games, with a twist:

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When buying Kids Party Games

, have a look to see if anyone has reviewed the game and see what they have said about it.

Freeze – put on the music, when it stops the kids have to freeze, if you move you’re out. My kids LOVE this game but I don’t! As the adult you have to look at all of these faces of kids trying soooo hard and tell them they’re out – over and over till only one left!!! To make this easier for me, everyone who got out got a prize.

Dance - my preferred option to the freeze game. Start and Stop the music with a different theme and winner/s each time ie the craziest dancer – the most graceful ballerina – the best break dancer – etc. Make sure everyone wins something – I love it when everyone’s a winner!

Treasure Hunt – hide some gold chocolate coins around the garden. Make this the 1st game they play so they don’t melt! To make it fair have a bowl and the kids have to bring the Treasures to the bowl – you can then distribute them evenly into the loot bags. Another option if you have the time. Make up cards with a picture of things the kids will find around the garden, like a bucket, a rubber boot, a pot plant. The kids have to look for their item and find the treasure.

Mystery Parcel – why do kids love this game sooo much! The original way is to wrap in newspaper and have a small gift in each layer. I see some parcels getting a bit fancy now and using new wrapping paper! Why not save your used wrapping paper throughout the year and reuse it for your mystery parcel. Two choices here: 1: Start and stop the music – every layer has a prize with a bigger prize in the centre. 2: write something about each guest: “who has a new baby brother”, “who is having the next birthday” – stick each note on a layer. This is a bit tricky if you don’t know a lot about the guests ie kids from school that you don’t really know, siblings often tag along and like to play so they’ll be missed and some guests may not arrive.

Musical Chairs – you can have musical spots instead of chairs. Cut out some cardboard dots and put on the lawn. Same rules as chairs without having to drag the chairs around. Depending on the party theme you could have different shapes to replace the dots, ie a Halloween party could have pumpkins, get creative

Pin the ?? on the ?? Instead of a donkey, Draw something to do with your party theme on some paper (or print something), make some tails or heart shapes or anything really. My suggestion: make a face. Draw a circle for the face and cut out some ears, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, moustache, hair. Give each child some of the cutouts - blindfold them and play like you would pin the tail on the donkey but they need to make a face. You don’t need a winner for this game but you can if you want – the child who gets their cutout closest to where it should go. The kids will find their finished creation quite amusing – a bit more fun!

Kids love Craft. Set up a table with craft items so they can make something to take home. Choose an age appropriate craft and it will keep them busy and (fairly) quiet long enough for you to have sit down! Or make some playdough and bring out the shape cutters.

Balloons on the trampoline. Most trampolines now have nets so great to keep balloons inside. Kids will have fun (mostly by popping the balloons) and you don’t have to do anything!

Bubbles – don’t forget bubbles, kids love them!

Print free party games: Kids Trivia, Word Finder or What am I? games from my free party games page. These are great if you want to keep the kids quiet for awhile or put them in the party bags to take home.

The great thing about kids parties is that you can put a group of kids together and they’ll have fun anyway. I’ve been to parties where there's heaps of fun party games and others with no games at all – I haven’t heard the kids complain either way!