Free Online Trivia Games

free online trivia games

Trivia Games are great Dinner Party Game Ideas. I have created some Free Online Trivia Games for you.

Select the Trivia Games you would like to use and print them for your next party.

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If you would like to create your own – print the Blank Trivia Game template and write in your own questions and answers. If you are looking for free Trivia Questions then do a Google search. It helps to be a bit specific with your search term. If you're looking for questions on Christmas Trivia. Then you might type in "trivia questions" "Christmas carols". Or "trivia questions" "Christmas movies". You may need to do a few searches to find a variety of questions.

Some Ideas:

The list is endless - Have fun!

If you are making your own Trivia Questions for Kids use these templates: Trivia Game for Boys and Trivia Game for Girls.

There are different ways you can play your free Online Trivia Games, make your own rules or use the ideas below.

TV Game Format

Break up into two teams – have a buzzer - whoever presses the buzzer first gets to answer the question – if correct they get the points – if not the other team gets a chance to answer or say Pass. Correct answers get 2 points – incorrect answer loses 2 points. If the team who missed the buzzer opts to Pass, they will not lose points, if they choose to answer but are incorrect, they lose 2 points.


Trivia Night

Break up into teams of 3 or 4 people - hand out Answer Sheets – someone calls out the question – the team writes down their answers. Once finished read out the correct answers and the team with the most correct answers wins. (you can swap team sheets when marking answers if you like)


Make up your own rules!

The Trivia Games on this page are in PDF format. Get Acrobat Reader free here if you don't already have it.

Click on the link to open the game sheet in your browser or Right Mouse Click and select "save link as" or similar message, to save to your PC.

Useless Trivia, Unusual Trivia... Fun party games for a dinner party – will you know the answers?

Don't forget your Blank Trivia Game template if you want to create your own Trivia Game

Write down your answers on this Trivia Games Answer Sheet.