Fishing for a Romantic Location

by Janet
(Lancaster, PA)

Let's go Fishing

Let's go Fishing

Many years ago, I went out on a first-time date with a guy from high school. He suggested we take a walk along a lovely stream and do a little fishing. That sounded nice.

Now, I really don't like fishing, but I figured I'd sit and watch while he fished and we could talk.

Well, that was MY idea. When we got to the fishing area, he hands me a pole. Okay, I could hold a pole and fish a little. He proceeds to hand me bait. I looked at him in disbelief. He wasn't even going to put the bait on for me?

So I took it and squeemishly put it on the hook and threw it in the water. Okay, now we were fishing. To be fair, we did have some nice conversation - until I actually caught a fish.

He told me that it was big enough to keep and hands me a knife. I looked at him in horror. He wanted me to do what?! Cut off the head!

That was it. I refused and that was the end of the worst date ever - the first and the last.

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