Easy Party Appetizers

make for a stress free party

When hosting a party you'll need some easy party appetizers for when the guests arrive. If your party is not a sit down dinner, then you can serve appetizers all evening (commonly referred to as "finger food") followed by dessert.

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Appetizers are great as they are bite size so you can have a variety and you’ll be sure to satisfy even the fussiest guest.

Make your Easy Party Appetizers ahead of time and keep in the fridge on trays to be bought out as required. Have a selection of hot and cold varieties. This makes them an excellent choice for party food as you won't be in the kitchen preparing food, you'll be out with your guests. TIP: Teenagers love to earn extra money – pay them to be the waiter/ waitress for the evening.

Steer clear of anything too fussy especially if you have a lot of guests. You can still have a great menu without the fuss.


It's all in the presentation

The presentation of your food can make your guests think they're at a 5 Star restaurant. So use your favorite recipes and make them a little bit fancy by presenting them well.

Some ideas:

Set up your appetizers on the tiered stands used for High Tea. Use elegant serving trays and nice serviettes. Use your garnishes well, parsley, mint or other herbs, thin cut twisted cucumbers, use color.

Dips and crackers. Have a selection of three dips in separate dishes. Use colour – such as: beetroot dip, guacamole, hummus. Have a glass to hold some bread sticks for dipping. Need I say, don’t serve dips in the shop container, transfer to a platter, small bowls or ramekins.

Toothpicks make great handles for anything not suitable to be picked up by hand.

The best place to get ideas is from your favourite cooking website or recipe site. You’ll get the recipes you need and the presentation ideas.

Easy Party Appetizer Ideas:

  • Savory muffins
  • Sandwiches with interesting fillings – salmon, cream cheese and dill – minted cucumber
  • Mini quiches
  • Corn puffs
  • Spinach and fetta triangles
  • Seafood – prawns are easy to present
  • Sushi rolls
  • Bruschetta with pesto, sundried tomato and sliver of parmessan
  • nachos bites

Kids Appetizers

Have a separate kids table and make similar dishes just keep the ingredients a bit more simple to keep the fussy ones happy.

  • ham and cheese savory muffins
  • sandwiches – ham and cheese, chicken and avocado (cut off the crusts of course)
  • mini quiches, corn puffs, spinach and fetta triangles
  • mini hotdogs – dinner rolls with a mini hotdog and melted cheese

Kids Dessert Time...

  • kids love fruit kebabs
  • individual deserts – cupcakes, cheesecakes, apple pies

If having a sit down dinner party your appetizer can be more like an entrée.

  • sliced tomato and boccocini cheese stack
  • soup with crusty bread rolls
  • roast vegetable stack


  • Individual cheese cakes or mud cakes
  • Chocolate ganache truffles
  • Individual apple crumble, lemon meringues, caramel cups
  • Fruit to dip into thickened cream and chocolate dipping sauce
  • Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles – a fun treat for kids

Make a gorgeous Punch for refreshments.


  • Always have vegetarian options available. Being a vegetarian myself it's quite frustrating when the waitress does not know which ones are vegetarian. Anything in pastry is hard to tell, little quiches quite often have ham included. So if you are going to the effort of providing vegetarian options, make sure anyone serving knows which is which.
  • Serving on nice platters will make the appetizers look even more appealing and the simplest of dishes look elegant.
  • Print out name cards of the dishes and put on the trays so guests know what they are eating (put a little v for the veggie options).
  • Make a little more effort with your decorating – crisp white linen, nice serviettes, it will make a huge difference.


The tricky bit is coming up with your menu plan. Getting the recipe is easy. There are several great sites to get your receipes from – here are my favourites:

Remember to look for presentation ideas while looking through the recipes.

Bon Appetite!

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