Easter Dinner Party

Thinking of what to have for an Easter Dinner or a Good Friday Feast? Fish of course! The options are endless, from the casual Fish Burger to a salmon or tuna, perhaps some sushi or a laksa. Don't forget prawns and scallops perhaps for the entree.

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What a great excuse to get take away Fish and Chips for the easiest Easter Dinner menu. Spread some newspaper for a tablecloth (traditional and good for the environment!!) and enjoy.

If you want to go a bit classier for your Easter Party then visit the fish shop (best to pre-order).

Fish is great when you’re having friends over as it goes perfectly with salad and plain bread rolls. All salads can be prepared earlier so all you have to cook is the fish. Don't forget to buy fresh lemons.

For something a bit different still, try a Laksa. A friend made Salmon Laksa for an Easter Lunch and it was devine! You could try your hand at some Sushi, it's easier than you think.

Easter Brunch

Great excuse to catch up with friends - make it brunch so you don't have to rush to get ready, more room at the cafe as you'll be "in between" breakfast and lunch.

Or have friends over and have a Egg Brunch. Make up a cute menu with the selection of tasty egg dishes. Make sure you have all of the ingredients and get the friends to help cook their own eggs (so you don't spend all day in the kitchen).

Your guests can choose from poached, scrambled, omelet or Eggs Benedict - easy and delicious. You'll need to make the hollandaise sauce, and buy some ham.

Toast Turkish bread to serve the eggs on. Have some bacon to accompany your eggs (unless it's Good Friday of course), tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms and to garnish, chives and parsley.

Dessert time

Now that you've finished your Easter Dinner, it's time for dessert. A nice chocolate gelato is perfect if you’re looking for something light.

Otherwise, individual cheesecakes or chocolate mudcakes. You can top with some broken white chocolate eggs to keep with the Easter theme, then drizzle a raspberry coulis if you’re feeling creative.

If you need a break from chocolate then a fresh fruit salad or berry salad with some whipped cream will be refreshing.

Put some broken chocolate eggs on any dessert to make it an Easter dessert!

For some recipe ideas try: www.Taste.com.au or www.allrecipes.com

Decorate the table

Easter Flowers in a vase in the center of the table will add a nice touch to the table. If you have a separate food table - add smaller vases there also. Any flowers as long as they are bright and colorful.

Party Favor

Give you friends a small "thank you for coming" gift. A small bag of handmade or good quality chocolate eggs with a egg shaped card is the perfect party favor for Easter.

Or check out my Party Favor page and adapt one of these ideas to suit.

Easter Crafts for kids

Kids Easter Crafts are great to keep the kids entertained when you have guests over. Set up a craft table with Coloring in pages, bunny faces to make, an Easter Word Search to play, craft items and card to make greeting cards.

On my Easter Crafts for Kids page you'll find free Easter Coloring Pages and an Easter Word Search game to print, etc.

Do some planning and you can make craft time productive for a few weeks prior to Easter by making cards and gifts.

Have a great Easter and if you get too many eggs
- you can send them my way!