Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Lots of Easter Craft Ideas to keep the kids busy and if they make their own baskets and decorations – you don’t have to buy them!

Plan ahead what you’d like to make and who for, that way you have craft time organised for a month or two prior to Easter. Or if having a party, set up a craft table.

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Easter Cards

Make your own cards. Imagine the Grandparents smile when they get an Easter Card, lovingly made by their grand-children. Use the cards to give to friends, as decorations and don’t forget a thank you note for Easter Bunny.

  • Cut out some card or buy a pack of blank cards from the craft shop. Use stickers, stencils or just let the kids draw a bunny and some eggs.

  • Cut the card into an egg shape and decorate the egg.

  • Make gift cards and attach to a small bag or basket of homemade (or bought) chocolate eggs.

  • Give your cards texture – use felt or cotton balls to make soft bunny ears and tail

Tip: If you receive any cards this year, keep them to cut up and recycle for next year cards.

So many Easter Basket ideas for Easter Bunny to put his eggs in

Get the kids to make a basket for their eggs to be delivered to.

You can use anything for your basket. You don’t have to buy one if you don’t want to, decorate a cardboard box or shoe box. We all have an empty cane gift basket lying around (somewhere). Look around for something that is the right size – a kitchen bowl perhaps.

Use shredded paper, shredded cellophane (a mix of both looks great). We live in the country so we use straw. Attach those little fluffy chickens, make a bunny face (See below) as decorations. Tie a bow in a big ribbon on the basket handle.

You can also make Easter Gift Baskets to give to friends and family.

Decorate an Easter Bonnet
A great traditional craft. Kids can decorate them however they like, flowers, stickers, add some bunny ears or just draw pictures. My daughter just made one at school. They cut a strip of card paper, staple to fit head size, decorate with colored in eggs and glitter.

You could also make Easter Bunny Ears
Cut a band of card paper to fit the child’s head, then cut two ears from white card and some pink ear inserts. Use pink felt to give the ears some texture. Get the kids to make a pom pom – attach to some elastic and you have a bunny tail.

Make a Bunny Face for decorations

  • Cut out the pieces (or let the kids do it, will depend on age).

  • Use a paper plate (or paper card) for the face

  • Ears - paper card and felt, Eyes – use stick on googly eyes or draw them on, Nose – pom pom or cotton ball, draw on a smile

Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Coloring Pages
are great to have when you want the kids to sit still for a few minutes. You’ll find heaps of free Easter Coloring Pages on the internet or print these free Easter Coloring Pages and here are some more coloring pages.

An Easter Word Search
will give those bored kids something to do while you’re trying to eat dinner and they’ve already finished, if you want the kids to sit still for a little bit, or to put in with their Easter Eggs or as a gift. Lots of uses really. Print this Word Search, or this easier version.

easter craft for kids

Easter Egg Decorating using hard boiled eggs is fun
– and a tad messy! You’ll need some hard boiled eggs, paints, brushes, water and aprons (or old t-shirts) for the kids. You can buy stencils and even egg holders at craft shops. If you don’t want to set up paints use textas to decorate. You can also buy small foam eggs if you want to make decorations that don’t need to be eaten.

An Easter egg hunt will keep the kids amused
Hide the eggs around the house or yard (lock up the dog!) and let the kids find them. Get the kids to bring them all back and put in a basket them hand them out equally so each child gets the same amount. Tip: count how many eggs you hide so you’ll know if you find them all.

Feed the Bunny
A fun idea at Christmas time is to make a little bag of Reindeer food. Why not use this idea for Easter – bunny’s need to eat too. Write Easter Bunny Food on the front of a small paper bag and give the kids some stickers and pencils to decorate the bag. Fill with some breadcrumbs (or something small that will disappear overnight!). Add some glitter to the breadcrumbs so Easter Bunny can see the sparkles. Tie with a ribbon. The night before Easter Bunny arrives, sprinkle the food from your gate to your front door. Makes a great handmade Easter gift too.

Flower Pot Crafts
is another great Easter Craft idea. Decorate your clay pot with rabbits, chickens, eggs, etc. Use paint or stickers. Then put some shredded paper in and top with Easter Eggs. Simple gift that the kids can give to a friend or family member or keep for themselves (maybe Easter Bunny might find the pot and put some eggs in! The teeny terracotta pots would be great for this. Here are some more Flower Pot Crafts ideas.

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