Creative Party Theme Ideas

Don't just have a Dinner Party when you can choose from some fun Creative Party Theme Ideas and add some pizazz to your party.

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No you don't have to make all your guests dress up as pimps or prostitutes! We can be a bit more classy than that old favorite. These ideas make great Birthday Party Themes also.

There are many Theme ideas you can choose from. It can be as simple as a color; you could have Pink, where everyone has to wear pink or choose a letter; where you have to come dressed as something starting with B or A, etc. These are OK if you’re not feeling too creative, but we are, aren't we! So read on for some more interesting theme party ideas.

What about Bowling Party Ideas! Great for a kids but why not adults! When was the last time you went bowling? A while ago I bet, you know it's fun and you can get your dinner there – hot dogs anyone! OK If you don't want to go out try Carpet Bowls or Bocce.

Share your fantastic Party Theme Ideas

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Some Fabulously Creative Party Theme ideas:

Here are some suggestions for Themes for your next dinner party:

  • Murder Mystery Party
    Use a Murder Mystery Board Game

    for this theme. They will provide characters for your guests to dress up as, a menu selection and then play the game to find out who amongst you is the murderer.

  • Country Theme
    Choose an Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai or Turkish theme. This will make your menu choices easier. You can add traditional decorations and music to get right into the theme of the night. See if the Library has any CD's you can borrow. Once you've chosen a country; a book on their Culture or their Food may provide some inspiration. More tips for your Country Theme on my Party Food page.
  • Halloween Party

  • Halloween parties are great fun and most guests love dressing up for these parties, add some spooky decorations and some ghoulish food and you're all set to party.

  • Christmas in July
    In Australia we have Christmas in summer - elsewhere it's winter. So having a Christmas in July party lets you experience Christmas in a different season. Also a great chance to have Christmas with friends who are normally away or family or can't get together at Christmas time.

  • Insurance Quote Party
    What the heck is an Insurance Quote Party? Well, it's a great way to get the girls (and guys) together and do one of those boring jobs that has been on the To Do list for way too long!

  • Red Carpet (Oscars, awards night, etc) Guests can come dressed up for the red carpet or as their favorite celebrity. Guys can come as body guards if they don’t want to wear a tux. Make your invite in the shape of an Oscar or Golden Globe or a red carpet. Make some fancy champagne labels for your wine. Party favor: make some wine glass charms and choose the main charm to be something Hollywood.

  • Pool Party or Hot Tub Party
    Pool parties are great for any age! If you don't want to jump in then offer to cook the BBQ or mix Cocktails at the poolside bar.

  • Tea Party
    Going out for High Tea is a great way to celebrate a Birthday. Or host a high tea party at home. Kids love tea parties so this would make a fun kids party theme too.

  • Toga Party
    Ah, gotta love the Toga party - costume is easy at least!

  • Wild West Party
    Yeeha Cowboy... Throw a steak on the BBQ and round up your friends for a fun party in the Wild West.

  • Toon Party
    Come as your favourite cartoon character. Make up a trivia game of favourite sayings and see who can match the saying to the character.

  • Wine Tasting Party
    Great wine, cheese platters, good friends - what more can I say! We recently had a Wine, Cheese and Painting party - lots of fun!

  • Retro Party
    Put on some blue eye shadow and platforms. Pick up an outfit from the Salvo's. Hang a mirror ball and put on your ABBA CD (songstar would be better!) Cheese fondue, followed by a chocolate fondue fountain for dipping strawberries and marshmallows. Party on Dude!

  • 1950's Party
    Think Grease the movie and hamburgers.

  • Home and Garden Party
    Show off your garden and get the kids running around outside. Put up some shade, make a party punch and sandwiches, easy!

  • Purse Party
    Who doesn't NEED a new handbag, find a party plan or ask a local retailer to show their wares. You could also have a handbag swap party.

  • Lingerie Party
    These are fun for Brides to be. We all need to update the underwear but it's the last thing you feel like doing when shopping - so let the bras come to you!

  • Jewelry Making Party
    Great for kids, teens and adults - just change the quality of the beads to suit the age. One of your friends will be creative and can provide the artistic flair. Why not bring some costume jewellery that you no longer wear and remake some new jewellery pieces.

  • Beach Party
    Sand, sun and waves. Great teen party theme but also suitable for all ages. Pack a picnic, a beach umbrella and some friends.


Print some fun free party games to play at the party.