Christmas Party Ideas

Make your Christmas Parties unforgettable!

Christmas Party Ideas to help you survive this annual event.

Some people look forward to the annual Christmas Party – family, friends, presents, food!

Some people don't – Too many family, friends, presents, too much food!!!

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This Christmas Party Ideas page will give you some great ideas on how to survive your next Christmas Party or how to make those great parties even better.

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I have soooo many ideas to share with you so let's get to it!

Plan that Christmas Party

To take the stress out of the day – Plan, plan, plan. The more that gets done prior to any party, the more time you’ll have on the day to enjoy yourself.

  •   Create a checklists (ahhh got to love a list…)
  •   Set your menu and prepare some food beforehand where possible
  •   Allocate dishes for other family members to bring
  •   Buy all of your disposable and non perishable items in advance
  •   Keep a notepad for any Christmas Party Ideas that you come across while chatting to others, reading magazines, browsing the Internet, etc
  •   An Online Christmas Party Store

Decisions you’ll need to make

  • Where are you going to hold your party (your house, park, restaurant)
  • What time of day? Brekky (great for friends or neighbourhood parties), Lunch, Dinner
  •  Is it to be held on Christmas Day or a weekend prior (friends, office colleagues)
  •  What are your family Christmas Traditions you want to incorporate?
  •  Do you send invites or just ring and email everyone. (invites add a nice touch)
  •  Presents, there are so many options to make the “what to get everyone” a bit easier

Location, Location, Location.

Where to hold your Party.

If you’re having the party at your house, do the planning in advance. You want to enjoy the party not be stressing about food, guests, etc

If you are having a Daytime party why not have it a local park or picnic area.


Bring out the tinsel and add some sparkle to the party! Put some solar Christmas lights outside in the trees and some inside.

Christmas Food

Christmas festivities can start at breakfast time and finish sometime the following day! The good thing about Christmas is that we love tradition so your Party Food need not be too complicated - choose some Christmas traditional recipes. Traditional can mean your Country or town or family recipes that everyone loves (you can smell the roast cooking at Nanna's now!)

I have some great ideas on my Christmas Food page.

Have a look at these Christmas Recipes I have selected from my favourite recipe site. You might just find some new traditional Christmas Recipes for your Christmas day.

Restaurants are a great option for a change. Every few years we like to go out to a seafood buffet. Gives the cooks a break and no dishes to do! Might be a bit tricky for those really large get togethers.

If you're looking for morning tea ideas or snacks for the kids then these Christmas Cookies are very cute (and very easy to make!)

Ideas for Company Christmas Parties

In Australia Christmas is in summer time so try a picnic. If planning something outside – you’ll need a backup plan if the weather turns cold or rainy.

Games – see party games below. These aren’t just for kids!

In other parts of the world it’s not so sunny! You’ll need an inside location for your Corporate Christmas Parties. Restaurants that offer set price offers are great so there’s no surprises.

Ask your favourite restaurant to put together an offer for you. If the boss is paying, great! If not, it’s quite common to have a social club throughout the year to help subsidise the cost. Otherwise include the cost on the invite and also include whether the cost includes drinks and what type, if BYO is allowed, partners invited/ included in cost, etc.

If you know of a good indoor location to use or hire this is great too, especially if you want a family occasion where the kids can come along. You’ll need a few volunteers to help set up and clean up. Catering is a great idea for food. If the budget is a bit tight make the time in the afternoon, ie after lunch and before dinner. Make it clear on the invite that afternoon tea is being provided not a meal.

Have a Secret Santa to cover the present giving.

If there are kids it’s great to have Santa show up and hand out small gifts.

Reindeer Food

Don't forget to feed the Reindeers on Christmas eve. Making some Reindeer Food is a great craft to make with the kids.

Christmas Party Activities

If there are going to be kids at the party set up a box of activities that you can bring out. Have a Christmas theme DVD on hand if nothing else works!

Some ideas for the Inside activity box:
- Print out some coloring in sheets - You could print out a snowman, Christmas tree, etc and hang them up once finished.

Print a:

- Trivia Game,

- Word Finder Game,

- Easier Word Finder Game this is an easier version for younger kids; and a

- Christmas What am I? game

- Here is a full list of my Free Party Games to print.

- Have a set of crayons ready so you don’t have to look for them at the last minute.

Some ideas for Outside Christmas Party Games

- Balloons on the trampoline (if you have one with a net)

- Have a bat and ball game set up, quoits, bocce, ten pin bowls.

These are great party game ideas for the adults to get involved in also.

Here are some fabulous Printable Gift Tags free for you to print. Choose a thicker card if your printer will accept it.

printable gift tags

If you're stuck for a gift or looking for last minute gift ideas then what about a printable Gift Certificate. I have included a page of blank certificates so you can make up your own creative ideas!


I hope you found some ideas here – I’d love to hear your Christmas Party Ideas and experiences – please share your ideas and I'll add them here.