Christmas Food
Create a Feast to remember!

Christmas Food is the best part of festive celebrations. Christmas festivities can start Christmas Eve and finish sometime the following day!

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The good thing about Christmas is that we love tradition so your Party Food need not be too complicated.

I have a selection of great Christmas Recipes from my favourite Recipe website. You might find a new dish for your Christmas Dinner.


A light breakfast is a great start to the day and is a great idea to have a few friends over or as a neighbourhood gathering. Fruit skewers and savory muffins (with champagne of course) makes a great breakfast menu. Or try French Toast, pikelets, a fruit platter with a yoghurt dip.

Have a look at these breakfast recipes from for some inspiration.


Try to keep it on time – lunch isn’t at 3pm! Some guests may have a dinner to attend.

Your menu options are pretty simple – traditional Christmas roast with all the trimmings OR cold meat and salads. Seafood always makes a good entrée or have seafood lunch - yum. The trick is choosing salads that are traditional for you or something different and delicious (leave the coleslaw and garden salad for the Sunday BBQ).

More inspiration for side dishes from

Desserts for us, is Christmas pudding with custard. Or try a sticky date pudding. Yummy Dessert recipes from


Keep in mind where your guests had lunch – after a big lunch, it’s hard to fit in a Dinner as well. The same menu as mentioned above for lunch. Christmas is a time for traditions and most people love a traditional meal. Mains ideas from


There are heaps of traditional slice ideas to make. These are easy to make a few days beforehand. They also make good Party Favors. Get some small party bags, cellophane bags, etc, put in a few treats and tie with a nice ribbon. Or use a Christmas bon bon – make your own or buy a set – empty out the contents and add your wrapped treat – tie with ribbon to secure the ends.

You can make: White Christmas, Rum Balls, Chocolate Balls, handmade chocolates, shortbread biscuits, mini Christmas puddings, gingerbread men, rocky road, cup cakes.

Check out for some ideas and recipes.

If you want to do something different go to a restaurant for a seafood buffet. It's nice to treat yourself sometimes and give the Cook a rest and sometimes it's just easier to go out.

Tip: Practice any new recipes before the party and try to keep it simple - the aim is for everyone to relax and have a good time :)

I have a list of new recipes to try so I'll report back on what were hits (and the misses). Why not start with a Brown Rice Salad it's truly delicious. If you're rushed for time, this super easy, no bake easy chocolate cake is great.

I hope you enjoy. I'd love to hear your Christmas Food ideas - share them with my readers via my Contact Me page.

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