Chips for dinner anyone?

by Leah
(Queensland, Australia)

hot chips

hot chips

I'll blame this Worst Date Ever story on my sister!

She met up with a friend she hadn't seen for years. When she found out he was single she thought she'd set him up with me.

We went to a hotel that had a nice restaurant. We had a drink at the bar first and he said why don't we just have some chips at the bar instead? What! so we sat at the bar eating chips. While eating my $5 bowl of chips I noticed the t-shirt he had under his shirt had holes in the neckline. mmm this was not going well!

After "dinner" we went to another trendy bar and caught up with his friends. yep, not good. He didn't offer to buy me a drink but it was pleasant enough except I kept thinking, how do I get out of here.

The worst bit - his friend, who did offer to buy me a drink, was really nice! bummer didn't think it was polite to give him my number!

He actually thought the date went well and asked to see me again - mmm no, sorry.

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