An UN-Romantic Trip to the Beach

Gorgeous Beach, Worst Date Ever!

Gorgeous Beach, Worst Date Ever!

This is by far my Worst Date Ever and THE MOST embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me on a date, maybe even in my life. I only share it now because it happened so long ago. :)

I was asked to the beach by a guy I really liked, we were supposed to have a picnic and just relax before our other friends showed up after their summer jobs. Everything is going fine, in fact things are GREAT. I'm starting to feel like this guy really likes me, and that's wonderful news for me because I had been fantasizing about him for the entire school year.

We decided to take a little walk around the lake and down to the pier. It's an incredibly romantic walk and I stared to feel more comfortable with him so I pretended to hit him and then run. He chased me all the way to the pier, but when I ran out onto it the second half of the wooden pier was NOT tied down and it flipped completely over, throwing me into the water!!!

I was mortified, and started splashing around as I'd lost my breath. I refused to come out of the water and thought I'd die of embarrassment. I proceeded to swim myself all the way back to our car, got out, changed and barely talked to the guy for the rest of the summer.

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