1950s Party

by Pam
(Northern California)

Andy & Sierra (CarHop) Holding Burger Caterers in Background

Andy & Sierra (CarHop) Holding Burger Caterers in Background

It was my husbands 50th birthday, and he was born in 1955. So a 1950s party theme seemed appropriate. In keeping with this, we wanted a 50's diner, serving hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries, in vintage-style cardboard serving baskets (remember them?), with the best burgers in town.

This made the food planning simple, and with the help of two professional caterers we hired by the hour ($35 ea per hr/6hrs), everyone ate well, and my husband and I were able to focus on having fun at our first 1950s party.

Our daughter Sierra, (pictured with Andy), dressed as a carhop, and helped serve. She is holding one of those delicious burgers. Our other daughter Sky, and our nephews helped park cars, which turned out to be a big job, because of the great turn out.

Some of Andy's friends even showed up in classic cars (which he's into). Guest included high school friends Andy had not seen in 35 years, and nearly everyone dressed 50's .

In the house, I had a display of photos from all the special times in Andy's life, and 1950's monster movie posters everywhere.

Party Food
We made sure we had the freshest buns and trimmings, as well as a great quality burger. It was a hit! Even my vegetarian friends said it was the best meatless burger they ever had.

The fries were deep fried right on the spot, in a deep fryer, and the burgers were barbecued on our back yard weber, pulled up to the diner area.

I loved NOT having to worry about filing serving bowls, keeping things hot, or keeping the flies away. Also didn't need to worry about anyone going hungry. Food was always
there made to order. The caterers cooked, cleaned, served, and left plenty of food cooked for the late evening snackers. It was like we were guests at our own party.

50th Birthday Cake
The cake was a sheet cake I ordered from Safeway bakery. It was a big 1957s Chevy tail fin. The color in the cake design wasn't very good, but it was delicious.

The Diner
We set up a $100 tent over an otherwise unused part of the yard just for the 1950s party. Then we set up 3 tables out of plywood, which we supported with old tables and saw horses (whatever works that's safe & sturdy; even folding tables). Then secured it with screws where necessary. Then covered with red picnic table cloth we bought by the roll at the fabric store. When the party was over, we just folded up the table clothes and unscrewed it.

The caterers would be using a deep fryer for fresh fries all day, and a lot other heavy breakable things. There would be two caterers, so there needed to be enough room for them both to work.

We happen to have a little red CocaCola bar, so we used that to serve over. The floor was black and white checker linoleum. We got the floor at Home Depot in the remnant section of flooring for about $40 (9x6). Good thing we laid it out early. It takes a while for the edges to lay down flat.

There was even dancing at the diner. The 1950s party was a great party!

Thanks Pam, as far as 50th Birthday Party Ideas go - this sounds fantastic. Have a look at Pam's website www.retrosewing.net for some great Retro ideas. Leah :)

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