1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things

I've just checked out the 1000 Awesome Things blog and I love it.

It would make a great party theme. Dress as your most Awesome Thing. This could be anything really. Here are some ideas:

* Year (got to love the 80's!)
* Memory (wedding, school, sports win)
* Band
* Friend
* Dress
* Holiday (get out that grass skirt)
* Job
* Movie moment
* Favorite color

Makes for great conversations too - finding out what people are dressed as and what was so awesome about their experience.

Sign up to the Blog or buy the book: The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things. Or just remember to look for something awesome everyday :)

An Awesome moment is finding a pair of fabulous shoes - so now you have an excuse to buy a new pair - you need them for your Theme Party!

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