Cake Decorating Ideas

A cake that tastes great and looks fantastic

cake decorating ideas

Kids and Adults alike love a cake for special occasions. I have some Cake Decorating Ideas here to make the task a little easier.

Cake Template

You can find a free design and template. You will then bake the cake according to the instructions and cut out shapes from the template. This is the fiddly bit, the best part is you just need to follow the instructions and copy the decorations. There are fantastic cake decorating books or just Google something like "free teddy bear cake template".

Get one made for you

Some people love to decorate cakes and would be happy to bring the cake instead of a gift. Do offer to buy the ingredients and decorations, providing the time is enough. If the person isn't invited to the party then ask for a price to make one for you.

Edible Cake Images/ Toppers

spiderman cake

These are great as you can bake a cake that matches the shape of your topper. No cutting or design required. You can get many different designs from Princesses for the kids to personalized images (yes you can get a photo turned into an edible image). You can add cream or icing edging to add an extra finishing touch.


cupcake decorating ideas

Cupcakes are very popular at the moment and so easy to decorate. The cupcakes in this picture show how easy it is to come up with many different designs. You can display them on a 3 tier cake holder for added effect.

Get some inspiration

Search through for some truly amazing cake designs (don't let them intimidate you though, these guys are pretty talented). Just type in Cakes or Birthday Cakes in the search box and you'll see some great Cake Decorating Pictures

Once you've put these Cake Decorating Ideas into practice I'd love to see the results.

Share a picture of your cake and the story behind it. You'll get your very own webpage that you can share with friends and family. Share your Fun Cake Designs here.